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After confirming your Desert Golf Academy booking with one of our representatives, they will direct you to this page for payment options. Please choose from the available packages and options to make a secure online payment via PayPal.

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Lesson Fees

The Desert Golf Academy offers our standard lesson fee structure that is tailored to meet your golfing needs. If you are looking for a single lesson to eliminate a current problem you are experiencing, a single lesson maybe all you need. Or if you wish to work on a few different aspects of your game, our package of 3 individual lessons will provide you with a complete tune up of your game.

Our individual standard lesson fees can also be purchased for gift ideas for the golfer in your life. An electronic gift voucher will be produced and sent to the recipient of your choice.

Lesson Fees

Golf Schools/Programs

The Desert Golf Academy offers a wide range of Golf Schools and Programs from the beginning golfer to the seasoned professional. Our special schools and programs are designed to focus on the golfers individuals game requirements so a deeper understanding and long lasting effect is achieved. The DGA staff is renowned for promptly finding each individuals major underlying issue, then demonstrating and communicating an easy understandable plan of action to immediately improve the students golfing performance.

Golf Programs

MTM Golf Equipment

MTM- uses an exclusive measuring system that forms the SET UP ENGINEERING SYSTEM to determine the correct length of golf equipment for each individual golfer. 8 body measurements form the calculation of bio-mechanic engineering and trigonometry and a optimal performance club is derived.


Hakusa is the first in the world to use a unique forging process which uses a single piece of 100% S25C Carbon Steel. By forging the heads from a single piece of steel you maximize consistency throughout the club and reduce variations. This consistency is evident from the very first shot you hit with our equipment.

The heads are ground personally by our master grinders. They are only able to finish a limited number of heads per day to maintain our elite quality. This process assures that every Hakusa club in your bag has the distance control, ball flight, spin, and feel that any golfer should demand.